Young Leaders Charity Fundraiser

On 30th March, our Young Leaders held a non-uniform day at school to raise money for their chosen charities. The children had to choose and research different local, national and international charities that they felt they wanted to support. These were Snappy York, Cancer Research UK, The PTFA, Shelter, Africa's Gift and of course the Youth Trust. They then made posters and flyers to advertise the event.
Once they had done their research, each group composed and made their own presentation which they then performed in front of the whole school. They were all very brave, and very informative, in order to make their charity appeal to the rest of the school.
At the end of the presentation assembly, every child chose which charity they wanted to donate their money to. The donations were split between the charities and in total we raised over £60 for these fabulous causes. Well done Young Leaders!!