Introduction by Mrs Andrea Commins, Headteacher

I cannot express my joy in being the first female head teacher in the long history of this beautiful village school. I have spent the last 19 years working within schools in North Yorkshire in various roles; and it has been my ambition for many of those that one day I would have my own school to wrap my arms around.  Well, I'm here and my arms are open wide!

The last few years have seen some changes, as is inevitable when a school begins a new chapter, but I feel incredibly proud and privileged to be here as a leading member of the school community and thank all those who have really helped me to settle in to what now feels like my home.  The Archbishop of York recently visited the school, commenting that there was a wonderful atmosphere where all children are able to flourish.  He signed our comments book, "For all that has been, thank you. For all that shall be, YES!"  So, we move forward with positivity and faith in our exciting, distinctive school.

It is such a pleasure getting to know the fantastic children of Appleton Roebuck School and seeing their excitement and energy for learning.  Your children are the reason why we are all here. Firstly, and in my opinion, most importantly, we will always try to ensure that your child is safe and happy. As a parent myself, I fully understand that children’s happiness, safety and wellbeing must always be the priority.

Our super team of staff and governors at Appleton Roebuck are loyal and dedicated; we all want to do our best for your children. We want your child to be a motivated and enthusiastic learner who will be brave when learning; never afraid to try new things or to make mistakes. We want our pupils to be fully equipped for their lives ahead. To help ensure that this happens, we will continue to make our curriculum innovative and exciting and strive to promote and support quality first teaching through excellent practice within our school. The challenge and support we offer for ALL children has to be central to all we do so that no child is left behind! 

Through our school development plan, we will, together, continue to aim for the most exacting standards.  The school's strengths, particularly in sports will continue to play a most positive role in the lives of the children as we are fortunate to be bringing in the best coaches to drive this forward.  My passion for music and the performing arts has already blended in well and we are now able to offer a huge programme of music enrichment both in the curriculum and outside of it.  From choir, classical and rock instruments, African Drumming- recently extending our choir of 50 pupils to include an additional challenge - a Chamber Choir.  We are also blessed with the unusual resource of a kiln in school - this is something that makes its statement from projects outdoors to more recent 3-D work inside.

As we step further into the school's journey, I am filled with optimism and excitement for the months ahead.  I know that the school has undergone a great deal of change and now is the time to plant our roots - continuing always to grow.  With such amazing pupils and our school community, I feel sure that together we can aim highest!  Thank you for all your support and kindness and please do continue to come and chat to me - I'm always here to help in any way I can.

With my very best wishes.

Andrea Commins