Enrichment activities

Our school is outward-looking and continuously seeks opportunities to explore beyond the
windows for educational inspiration to engage and capture the imagination.

Trips - Our children take part in many exciting and educational trips during their time at
Appleton Roebuck Primary School. Years 3-6 children can enjoy
residential trips focusing on adventurous activities, the arts, sports and academic subjects.
We also enrich their learning by giving them opportunities to exhibit their work to you in a
variety of different ways including the whole school Golden Moments. The dates for these
across the year can be found on our school dates list and you are warmly welcomed to attend.

When you are a small, rural primary school, you often miss out on the “on-the-doorstop”
opportunities that centrally located schools enjoy, so we actively seek opportunities to work
with organisations relevant to our own community.

Outdoor learning - In the last few years, we’ve harvested the rewards of working with the
Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) on a host of rich training and outdoor initiatives which help
us incorporate our wider environment into our everyday teaching practice both at home and
away. We are fortunate enough to have great outdoor spaces within our school perimeter, and
often live out our belief that learning should have no limits – the outdoors removes the four
walls that can often restrict and curb children’s appetite for learning.

Our children love the outdoors –they’ve loved getting soil under their fingernails by creating
their own vegetable garden, our own school wildlife garden with pond, and even an orchard
with ‘houses’ in our school named after varieties of apple trees grown locally.
As part of our commitment to outdoor learning, one of our staff is doing Forest Schools Training.

Visitors - We have a range of community visitors who come to support learning, for
example, fire-fighters, health-workers and authors – Gez Walsh opened our school library
on Roald Dahl Day.

We also offer a range of extracurricular -school clubs for children at lunchtimes and after school.
Our music, artistic and sporting enrichment is an integral part of our village school.
Our standards are high meaning that we aim to take part in events of an excellent standard.
The school choir has now developed into two - with a Chamber Choir for those pupils who need
to be challenged further. They have performed for the BBC, Children in Need and York Lights
Switch on and support local events. There is even talk of a staff choir too!

We offer music tuition to all children in the infants as a class, and the uptake of individual
music lessons increases yearly. We have a rock band who perform gigs outside school on a
regular basis and recently dabbled in Taiko Drumming at our arts residential.

The School’s reputation for sporting achievements goes back a long way and our pupils receive
tuition from the best staff. 2018/19 saw some outstanding results in sports and healthy living –personal
achievements and team efforts. One of our pupils has done an outstanding job of leading and setting up
the Healthy Snack Trolley, which is now running effectively. Well done to her – she deserves a Young
Entrepreneur’s Award! Staff have commented that children are understanding the importance of healthy choices
and take this very seriously.

As a result of the efforts across the school, and commitment from the staff, the school has
once again been awarded the Gold Games Mark!

This is testament to the passion our pupils have for healthy living, physical activity and sports at
Appleton Roebuck School. Many thanks to those of you who have supported transportation to
and from events – without this, we will not be able to continue to achieve this award. If you
haven’t helped in the past but would be willing to be one of our transporters moving forward,
please do let Mrs Askins know.