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Inspired by Art

On Wednesday, Kingfishers were lucky enough to kick off their new topic with a visit to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. Children soon immersed themselves in the different exhibitions to gain inspiration for creating their own pieces.


The second half of the Autumn Term is upon us. Please have a look at our newsletter detailing some of the learning that will take place over the next 7 weeks.


Pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 had a serious but fun-filled afternoon learning CPR. A Community First Responder (and parent) alongside a member of the Ambulance Service delivered the training; talking the children through Dr. ABC (what to do when met with someone who has collapsed). A huge thank you for providing us with such a useful skill. We loved it!

Eye Dissection

Kingfishers have been studying evolution and how things have adapted to suit their purpose. Today we were lucky enough to be joined by Mrs Astley, a parent who teaches at Askham Bryan college, to talk to us about how sheep eyes have evolved. We had the opportunity of dissecting an eye and identifying its different parts. The children were fascinated by what they found and are keen to investigate further.

Following in Darwin's Footsteps

Children in Kingfishers have really caught the evolutionary bug. As a child, Darwin liked to collect natural items. Our children are doing the same. These bones were found on our playing field. Any suggestions as to what they might be be? Each bone is roughly the size of a child's palm.


Our investigation this afternoon involved using a variety of instruments to act as beaks and to see how much seed we could 'eat' in one minute. Children had to use their knowledge of evolution to consider which objects would make the most effective beaks and how this might be affected by the food consumed by different species of bird.


Children had a brilliant afternoon studying variation on our school playing field. It was amazing that such a wide variety of plants were growing in such a small area. Children discussed why there were more plants around the edge of the field than there were centrally.

Wedding Celebration

The Year 5 and Year 6 choir children had a special treat on Friday when they were invited to sing at a wedding in Riccall. They sounded angelic - not many dry eyes in the church after their performance. The organ master thought that the harmonies were a backing track and couldn't believe it was our small group of singers. Obviously we already know how fabulous they are. Well Done, everyone!

Speak Out, Stay Safe!

A huge thank you to Geraldine and Jill from the NSPCC who returned to Kingfishers today to do a workshop on the Speak Out, Stay Safe campaign. Despite already being well-informed, the children learned a great deal about how to protect themselves and others from abuse. Expect lots of resources in book bags this evening.