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Kingfishers have investigated lots of different aspects of our Solar System since the beginning of term including the size of the planets relative to our Sun and how they orbit. Children had the chance to draw out their own orbital paths and experience movement as the Sun, Earth and moon thinking about how the different bodies rotate on their axes. We asked how we know the Earth is spherical (thinking about Aristotle's proposal) and why this is. Lots more exciting investigations to follow.


The pupils at Appleton Roebuck were incredibly lucky earlier in the week when a tutor form the Helen O'Grady Drama school joined us to give the children a taster of what to expect if they join her sessions. The children had a fabulous time creating a short scene. There are definitely some budding actors in our midst! Places are still available in the Monday club. Children were given flyers with details.

Gallery Rebels Golden Moment

Thank you to all the parents who joined Kingfishers for the official opening of our class gallery. The children have worked incredibly hard all term and used their artistic flair to present their learning to you. We hope you enjoyed it!

Exploration and Teamwork

After working to overcome our 'impairments' this morning in Jigsaw (PSHE) - working together to meet different challenges; we spent the afternoon exploring whether green is green. From the pictures, can you tell what we were investigating?

Royal Wedding

Robins and Canaries are making memory boxes as part of their new Topic. Whilst searching through some old pictures with Edward, Mrs Newall found this photo of the school's celebration of the Royal wedding. Do you recognise any of the Year 6 children?

Children's Voice

Mrs Commins took three Kingfishers to the NYCC Children's Voice conference in Harrogate - joining hundreds of other children from all over the county. It was a great surprise for Ms Holmes who was also in Harrogate attending the SENCo Network Meeting.

Science at Riverside

Two of our Year 6 children had the opportunity of joining other pupils from schools in the STAR alliance in attending a Space Day at Riverside school. Children explored our Solar System and thought about life on Mars. Here they're trying to determine whether the soil is martian or not.

Sketching at the Hepworth

To finish off a fabulous day at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, children had the time to revisit their favourite paintings and sculptures.

Many of the children would like to go back to the Gallery or visit the nearby Sculpture Park.

Felt - Making

Whilst at the Hepworth Gallery, children took part in a felt-making workshop. Although good fun, it was really hard-going - especially 'rolling' the wool. The finished articles will be displayed in our very own Kingfishers Art Gallery at the end of the topic where some pieces will be available for purchase.