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Special Visitors

One of our parents kindly brought some stick insects in to meet Kingfishers. It was a special treat as the insects were actually visiting school as part of Canaries topic. We managed to handle them carefully and ensure none escaped.

Fascinating Finds

We had a special topic-related show and share when pupils brought in a dragonfly and some honeycomb. The intricacy of the dragonfly's wings and the perfection of the honeycomb's hexagons were fascinating to see.

Beast Creator

Please read the attached newsletter about our new topic. It also contains information about the End of Key Stage assessments and the residential.

Able Writers

Representatives from our school had an exciting day at Riverside when they had the opportunity of working with author, David Webb. They brought lots of ideas back to school to share with the rest of the class.

End of Key Stage Meeting

I've attached the presentation and notes used in tonight's meeting as a number of parents were unable to attend. There are links to Government documents and sample papers should you wish to look at them.

Apologies for the format - the powerpoint was too large to upload. The blue table containing dates, papers and duration and information after it relates to KS2 (Y6) children. Please note, there is no writing paper. Writing is assessed using each child's classroom learning.


Kingfishers spent a busy morning in the rain preparing our vegetable beds for planting.

Ready for take off?

We made the most of the sunshine today investigating how rockets lift off. We had so much fun trying different combinations of water and effervescent tablets to see which would launch the lid the furthest. The pupils asked some thought-provoking questions and made some excellent observations.


Some beautiful control and discipline shown when creating different shapes with partners and small groups this week. I loved the extended and pointed fingers and toes. It was fabulous to see the children challenging themselves to make their shapes more interesting and working on different levels. Pupils now need to be using the correct terminology - tuck, pike and straddle!