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Girls' Football

Last night, Wednesday 23rd March, two teams of Year 4, 5 and 6 girls entered their first football tournament at Archbishop of York's. They performed brilliantly - finishing 3rd and 4th. We have budding goalkeepers in the making, with Anya, Jessica and Lucy all making some fantastic saves. Hannah, Maddison and Megan all scored goals for the ARPS teams!

Boys' Football

Our team of Year 6 boys had a rematch against St. Mary's on Wednesday 23rd March. It was an incredible game, with a brilliant goal scored by Jake. Unfortunately, the boys lost 3-1. However, this was an improvement on last week's score of 7-2.

Cross Country Finals

On Thursday 17th March, two of our year 5 girls represented Appleton Roebuck in the Cross Country finals in Dalby Forest. Out of over 70 runners, Emily came in 7th and Hannah came in 20th. We're incredibly proud of both girls and look forward to great things from them in the future.

Representing Appleton Roebuck in the Star Alliance

A member of our school council joined representatives from other schools in the local area to agree aims and values for the STAR alliance.

The meeting was hosted by Riverside school and gave the children time to get to know each other before getting down to the more serious issue of children's rights and responsibilities. It was quite difficult ordering the statements taken from the UN convention by what was most important to the children.

There will be an official launch later in the school year. Watch this space!


Our topic this term has taken us back to ancient Egypt.

We kicked off with a visit from Rameses II (aka actor Chris Cade) and have journeyed through hieroglyphs, bread making and mystery stories. Children will be publishing their stories soon and extracts will be included on our blog.

As part of our Science week, we are investigating milk and what preserves it. Did you know that Cleopatra was thought to bathe in donkey milk? Lactic Acid, responsible for milk spoiling, removes dead skin cells, helps skin regenerate and leaves it feeling smooth!