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Road Trip USA

The children are working together in groups to research a landmark they would visit during a trip to America. They are creating powerpoint presentations to share with the rest of the class on Friday morning.
I am really impressed with the content they are producing and the special effects they have used in their powerpoints so far, I can't wait to see the final results in tomorrow's lesson!

Able Writers

Today, our Y6 pupils Hannah and James went to Riverside school for their third Able Writers event.
They had the opportunity to meet and work with Nick Toczek, a writer from Bradford who writes poetry books, novels, magazine articles and songs, as well as presenting a radio show and doing magic tricks!

The life of a Sikh

Our Kingfishers have been learning about the Sikh faith and exploring what is means to be a Sikh. On Thursday 8th June, we had a visit from Suki Mathara. She told us what it was like to practise Sikhism and gave us an insight into what her family do as part of their faith. We learned about the 5 K's that Sikhs wear and special places that they visit. The children asked some insightful questions, showing a great deal of respect, and they could later remember a lot of facts about Sikhism. Well done Kingfishers and thank you to Suki for coming to visit us!

Young Leaders Bring and Buy Sale

Thank you to everyone who donated to and visited our Bring and Buy sale on 18th May. Our Young Leaders worked very hard to organise and prepare for the sale, then showed fantastic initiative and leadership skills by running it all themselves. They all made us very proud! Together we raised £50 for Christian Aid from the refreshments (a charity chosen by the children following their own research) and over £200 for our playground project!
We would also like to thank Phillip Anthony Photography for the very kind donation of vouchers for our raffle.


In the second half of the Spring term, we studied life in 1066. We spent time looking at the events which led up to the Battle of Hastings, wrote poetry to describe life on the battlefield and read 'I was there 1066' by Jim Eldridge. The children were truly enthralled by the topic and many interviewed their parents about what they could remember about 1066.

Young Leaders Charity Fundraiser

On 30th March, our Young Leaders held a non-uniform day at school to raise money for their chosen charities. The children had to choose and research different local, national and international charities that they felt they wanted to support. These were Snappy York, Cancer Research UK, The PTFA, Shelter, Africa's Gift and of course the Youth Trust. They then made posters and flyers to advertise the event.

Young Leaders

Our Year 4 and Year 5 pupils are completing their Young Leaders awards this year. The award was set up by the Archbishop of York's Youth Trust and its aim is to help our young people to 'Be the change you want to see'. You may have read some of our news in the village Churches Magazine.
In order to achieve their award, the children have to complete a series of classroom based challenges where we learn what it means to be great leaders , as well as at least five personal challenges where we can help people in our local community.

Burps, bottoms and bile!

Our first Spring topic was Burps, Bottoms and Bile. What an amazing topic!

The children learnt all about their teeth, digestive system and the journey of food through their bodies. Not only did we look at the human digestive system but the class also became researchers to investigate animal digestive systems. They found a number of similarities to our digestive system but also some interesting differences.