The Best Game So Far.

Monday saw an incredible, hard-fought match between us and Barkston Ash. We felt a little bit of trepidation going into the game as Barkston beat us 7 - 1 before Christmas. However, we have been well-trained by Mr. Scoreby and despite not playing together as a team recently, it gave us the opportunity to showcase our brilliance.

Barkston went 1 - 0 up. We equalised!
Barkston went 2 - 1 up. We equalised after Oliver dribbled around the whole team and scored a banger about 10 seconds after the kick-off.
Then - Freddie scored a 3rd, set up beautifully by Tom, putting us in the lead.

With one and a half minutes to go, Barkston scored two goals in quick succession. But we are not letting that stop us. There was brilliant play from all, Jack led well from the front and Josh made some incredible saves. As a team, we played with precision and communicated well.

Thanks again to our supporters (including OOSC).

by the ARPS football team.